Through Fire and Faith
 an American Saga 

This series chronicles the life of Hattie Sheldon, an eastern woman who seeks her life’s work as a missionary teacher among the Cherokee people.

Hattie’s dramatic life takes us on a journey through a time in American history when titanic struggles — between native americans and whites, slave-holders and abolitionists — engulf her as a witness and draw her into dynamic events that shape America’s destiny … and her own.

About the Paintings Used in the Book Covers

Lane Dolly first discovered the stunning images painted by Gary Bowers at the Vander Zee Gallery in Alexandria, VA. Later, she met Gary when they both attended a writing seminar offered by the esteemed northern Virginia coach, David Hazard, of Ascent. This chance meeting led to the cherished opportunity for Lane to feature Gary’s paintings on the covers of her book series. Gary’s use of misty images, shadows and rural scenes stirred memories from her childhood and offered visions of the horizons Hattie Sheldon likely enjoyed before Indian Territory became the state of Oklahoma. Visit the artist’s website: